Cultural AI vacancies: 2 PhD students and 1 postdoctoral researcher based in Amsterdam

Hi all,

I’m looking for 2 PhD students to work on the AI:CULT project and one postdoctoral researcher to work on the Social Bias Observatory project, both part of the Cultural AI Lab:

The deadline for the PhD students vacancy is 1 November, details can be found at:
PhD projects in the Netherlands are 4 years, and PhD students have employee status (health insurance & pension benefits). The AI:CULT project will develop methods and techniques for applying AI to subjective and polyvocal data sets. The reasons for certain heritage data to be preserved, its interpretation throughout time, and the way heritage data is accessed after digitalisation is all subject to biases. The inherent richness, subjectivity and polyvocal nature of cultural heritage data limits and often even rules out the responsible use of AI. How do we model that “Seventeenth Century” and “The Golden Age” refer to the same era, yet are not fully synonymous and carry different semantic payloads? Current state-of-the-art AI cannot deal with subtleties in a way that does justice to the important role of the heritage institute as a trusted source of information. A crucial question is how can we reap the benefits of AI while guarding against its undesired consequences?

The deadline for the postdoc vacancy is 9 November, details at: