2 PhD positions in Digital Humanities and Natural Language Processing

In the context of the 5-year project GOLEM (Graphs and Ontologies for Literary Evolution Models), I’m hiring 2 PhDs for a big project about the evolution of fanfiction.


In collaboration with the other team members, you will work on your own multilingual and cross-cultural research project. The project is very interdisciplinary, combining computational methods for the analysis of culture and psychometric experiments with readers. The focus will be on changes over a time span of 20 years in how people write (fanfiction) stories, in terms of themes, tropes, and style. In parallel, you will also look at how these changes influence the reception of stories. You will learn skills related to database management, linked data, data science, machine learning, and experimental design for reading research.

Federico Pianzola

Assistant Professor in Computational Humanities

University of Groningen