CHR 2020 Online

Sorry for the delayed response.
After some deliberation, we decided to stick to the page limits in the CfP.

For long papers, that is a maximum length of 16 pages with 4 pages of references.
For short papers, 8 pages with 2 pages of references.

We’ve reconsidered our earlier decision. We all benefit from some additional pages to better interact with the reviews:

Long papers may use two additional pages, and short papers may use one.


We are proud to announce that we have accepted 29 papers. You can find the list of papers here.

The camera-ready versions of the papers will be published soon.


Will the presentations (not the papers) be posted online/disseminated after the event? To include a music example I need to request copyright permission from a publisher, and they’ll want to know how visible it will be.

Hi! Only when authors agree to that. Otherwise, the presentations will be only visible to the participants of the workshop.

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