CHR2023 Conference


From December 6 to 8, 2023, the fourth edition of the CHR conference will take place at École pour l’informatique et les techniques avancées, Paris!


  • August 1, 2023: Submission deadline
  • September 2023: Notification to authors
  • October, 2023: Final papers ready
  • December 6-8, 2023: Conference

From the call for papers

In the arts and humanities, the use of computational, statistical, and mathematical approaches has considerably increased in recent years. This research is characterized by the use of formal methods and the construction of explicit, computational models. This includes quantitative, statistical approaches, but also more generally computational methods for processing and analyzing data, as well as theoretical reflections on these approaches. Despite the undeniable growth of this research area, many scholars still struggle to find suitable research-oriented venues to present and publish computational work that does not lose sight of traditional modes of inquiry in the arts and humanities. This is the scholarly niche that the CHR conference aims to fill. More precisely, the conference aims at

  1. Building a community of scholars working on humanities research questions relying on a wide range of computational and quantitative approaches to humanities data in all its forms. We consider this community to be complementary to the digital humanities landscape.

  2. Promoting good practices through sharing “research stories”. Such good practices may include, for instance, the publication of code and data in order to support transparency and replication of studies; pre-registering research design to present theoretical justification, hypotheses, and proposed statistical analysis; or a redesign of the reviewing process for interdisciplinary studies that rely on computational approaches to answer questions relevant to the humanities.

More information on the CFP >> Computational Humanities Research 2023

The 2023 edition of the Computational Humanities Research conference will be hosted by the École pour l’informatique et les techniques avancées (EPITA) - Paris.
Location: L’École pour l’informatique et les techniques avancées on the main campus on Rue Voltaire 14-16, Kremlin-Bicêtre, Paris. The conference will be a hybrid event with an option to attend in person, virtually, or a combination of the two. More details will follow soon.

More information later


  • Richard McElreath (Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Germany)
  • Roberta Sinatra (University of Copenhagen, Denmark)
  • Olivier Morin (Institut Jean Nicod, PSL, France)

Programme Chairs

  • Fotis Jannidis (@fotis), University of Würzburg
  • Iza Romanowska (@iza.romanowska), Aarhus University
  • Artjoms Šeļa (@ash), Institute of Polish Language, Polish Academy of Sciences


  • Florian Cafiero (@florian.cafiero), Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris / École nationale des chartes
  • Fotis Jannidis (@fotis), University of Würzburg
  • Folgert Karsdorp (@folgert), KNAW Meertens Institute
  • Marie Puren, L’école des ingénieurs en informatique
  • Iza Romanowska (@iza.romanowska), Aarhus University
  • Artjoms Šeļa (@ash), Institute of Polish Language (Polish Academy of Sciences)
  • Melvin Wevers (@melvin.wevers), University of Amsterdam

Registration is now closed. The conference is fully booked for in-person attendance. You can still register for online attendance.