East Asia historical periodicals

Hi everyone,

I’m currently helping a project that studies deep societal transitions on multinational scale and uses large periodical corpora (20th c. mostly). It’s very European centered right now and we are thinking to expand the scope to Asian and possibly Latin America data. I’m totally unaware of available resources and research that is going in those regions. If you’ll have some pointers to newspaper collections or you know some text mining people who might be interested in collaboration with the project on the regions, we would really appreciate any help or hints.


There’s Early Chinese Periodicals Online ECPO from the university of Heidelberg. Matthias Arnold is probably the person to contact about it. I know they did some text mining work with it (e.g. this, but I only have passing knowledge of the project.


Thank you! We will definitely try to contact Matthias.

This project set out to document the availability of newspaper collections: https://oceanicexchanges.org/

There is a Mexican partner involved, and I recall that they had access to newspapers from the Global South. However, I think these are mostly 19th century dailies.

I’ve worked quite extensively with digitized newspapers, so please keep in the loop, I’d be happy to hear more about this project, especially its focus on long-term developments.


Thanks for the link! Now @ptinits & team is preparing a first-look paper, so some results are to be expected soon. Will be happy to keep you in the loop!


https://www.revistas-culturales.de/en aims to do large-scale text mining on SA periodicals, but I’m not sure if their data is available.