Hybrid/Local Events: tips and best practices?

Following a discussion on Twitter, @mike.kestemont and I are organizing a hybrid/local event for CHR2021 at the University of Antwerp. We’re planning to watch (some of) the paper together with a group and maybe have some discussions afterwards. I’m still thinking about how to best facilitate the discussion between the room and the presenters.

Anybody else thinking about organizing a hybrid/local event? And does anybody have experience with this kind of thing? All tips and best practices welcome!


I’d be happy to help organize something similar in Amsterdam if there’s interest. Please like this post if there’s interest, and let me know if someone wants to help out.

Re: @tpsmits I have some experience using hybrid setups. It sort of works when you have a big screen and a proper camera/mic setup. I think most universities offer these. I do think it becomes a little cumbersome when there’s discussion locally and virtual. But in this case, the focus will be mostly on one speaker.

Perhaps there is some way we could include these local teams into the social events.

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Great idea! Count me in.

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This is such a good idea! I’d be happy to join if you accept externals and my calendar allows it (will also depend on programme schedule).

Are you in Brussels @simon? More then welcome to join us in Antwerpen! This is the message which we hope to send out to the faculty tommorow. Hope this also works for the organizers (@melvin.wevers/@folgert)? We are using CHR to launch a new Code Repair Cafe initiative at the humanities faculty. Still have to find “funding” for the BBQ but fingers crossed.

Code Repair Café Launch Event: local event of Computation Humanities Research 2021, 17-19 November 2021

We launch the Code Repair Café by organizing a local/hybrid event of the Computational Humanities Research Workshop 2021. The idea is to watch the keynotes and (some of) the talks of CHR together. There will be ample opportunity to discuss the presentations, we will have lunch together and there will be a local social event (BBQ) on Friday evening. Next to the launch of the Code Repair Café, we see this as an experiment to organize better hybrid (local/digital) conferences in the future. Can we get (close to) the same feeling of immersion in exciting research, without physically going to a conference?

Keynotes will be given by Jacob Eisenstein (NLP at Google AI), Iza Romanowska (agent-based modelling and archaeology at AIAS Denmark), and Sara Tonelli (Digital Humanities at Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Trento, Italy). Please find more information and the full program here: https://2021.computational-humanities-research.org/

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I am! Thanks, I pencil this in and come back to you perhaps privately if I can’t take the Wednesday off (am travelling the Thu and Fri, unfortunately).

Sure, will see you there or some other time!

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