Inviting blogs for India Humanities Forum


I am the founder of IHF and a Digital Humanities researcher -

I have been working on this forum for a while and it was just launched yesterday. I am posting on this forum to invite blogs from experts in fields like you. The aim of the forum is to improve access to opportunities and resources for students in Humanities in India.

As you may already know, the DH scene in India still needs a lot of work and many students in Humanities don’t know what Digital Humanities is.

Hence, I am inviting blogs on a variety of topics including but not limited to:

  • A simple guide to understanding DH
  • A blog about your current research
  • How can you get involved in Digital Humanities as a student
  • Interesting developments in Digital Humanities
  • Why you chose Digital Humanities
  • Scope of Digital Humanities in academia/ industry

The blog can be casual and about 400-750 words. If you are interested, pleaser reply or email at

You volunteering your time can really help a lot of students out there!