Is PhD required?


I don’t know if anyone else is in the same case but I’m writing an article and I have just seen that only articles from academics are expected

No “student” proceedings : We expect that the papers are written by academics (usually holding a PhD). PhD student workshops are a notable exception (see below). We do not support workshop/conference proceedings dedicated for master/bachelor students as main authors. Regular proceedings may include a few student papers if their number is small compared to the total number of papers and if those papers are reviewed in the same way as all other papers. (This rule formally applies for submissions after 2020-04-01.)

I don’t have a PhD, nor affiliation. Is it possible for me to get published if my paper is accepted? Or should I find an academic as a first author to support my paper?

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I think CHR call for papers never mentions anything related to a degree or affiliation, so it’s safe to assume there are none such limitations?


Hi, I’m one the organizers. If your paper passes peer reviews, it can certainly be published as part of the proceedings.

We encourage early-career researchers to submit their work. Looking forward to your submission.


Maybe you can join the Ronin Institute? Peter Turney joined them in 2018.