Keynote 3 - Sara Tonelli 'Getting a Whiff of the Past through the Analysis of Historical Documents'

:speech_balloon: Speaker: Sara Tonelli

:classical_building: Affiliation: Fondazione Bruno Kessler

Title: Getting a Whiff of the Past through the Analysis of Historical Documents

Abstract: Although olfactory references play a crucial role in our cultural memory, only few works have tried to understand how they are described in historical texts and process them from a computational perspective. As a first step towards olfactory information extraction, I will present ongoing work aimed at defining a theoretical framework to capture this information from a linguistic point of view. This framework has led to the development of a multilingual benchmark with annotated smell events, covering different time periods and domains. Based on this novel dataset, it is now possible to make cross-lingual comparisons, pointing out different attitudes and perceptions of good and bad smells. The annotation effort will also inform the development of NLP-based systems for olfactory information processing. Existing challenges of this task and possible solutions will also be discussed in the talk.

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More info on the Odeuropa project:

Annotation platform:

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Hi! Is there any way to see the keynote recordings (Missed it due to the time difference and would love to learn more about it)? Thank you very much anyway!

We didn’t record the keynotes due to legal issues related to using the Zoom Meeting version rather than Webinar.

Perhaps @SaTonelli can add the slides to the topic?

The slides have been added. The size has been reduced which has impacted the image quality.

Got it and totally understand the problem of Zoom! Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

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