Multiple linear regression in historic document analysis

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Gosh, students are good at asking questions that seem simple, but aren’t all that simple at second glance. Here’s one asking for examples of multiple linear regression pertaining to the information found in historical documents. To what publications/projects would you refer as good practice examples? Projects that aren’t overly hermetic in method and clear on (useful) purpose, the sort that could serve as gentle introduction by example.

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What exactly do you mean by “multiple linear regression”? Linear regression with multiple predictors, X, or regression with multiple outcome scalars, y? For me, the best book/course explaining all details of all kinds of regression models is McElreath’s Statistical Rethinking, which offers a gentle, yet detailed and comprehensive introduction into Bayesian regression analysis with loads of examples that, while not about historical documents, could be applied in that context easily.


I’m with @folgert on Statistical Rethinking.

This series of blog posts might also be a nice starter. Kaggle also has many tutorials on linear regression.

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