Online learning materials for Cultural Evolution

The Cultural Evolution Society has published some online courses for those interested in learning more about the field of Cultural Evolution. From the website:

These online modules present many basic and applied issues in cultural evolution and introduce students to methods of dynamical systems theory as applied to the evolution of human systems. Without the aid of mathematical models, human intuitions about dynamic systems of any complexity can be quite faulty. The materials have been developed with self-guided study in mind. Through a variety of online learning methods, students will be able to independently work through the material to gain both a theoretical understanding of the method and practical experience doing it. The modules could serve as a basis for intensive short courses, seminars, or as components of a regular quarter or semester course. It is our hope that the concepts and techniques covered in these modules will facilitate interdisciplinary conversations and collaborations.

Iā€™m particularly looking forward to the one on CE and narratives, which was developed by Joseph Stubbersfield, Jamie Tehrani, and @oleg_sobchuk: