Suggestions for additional categories

When setting up the forum, we created a number of categories that should cover many of the
topics. But as @oleg_sobchuk pointed out yesterday, not everything fits in well here. Let’s use
this topic to collect suggestions for additional categories.

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Hi all,

It seems that the post about where to publish (Where to publish Computational Humanities research?), the post about the peer review ([META] This forum, and double blind peer review) and this blogpost I wanted to signal ( call for a genuine category “meta”. But I don’t care too much for a label “meta” tbh. It could go under “theory”, but someone looking for ideas where to publish wouldn’t necessarily look under either “meta” or “theory”, would she? How does one label this stuff usefully?


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Perhaps something like publication or dissemination. There are many aspects of publication of CHR work that are worth discussing inn this community, that I think a specific category would be useful indeed.


Good idea. I’ve added a subcategory under announcements.

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How about “Publications” as a separate category, as it doesn’t have to be under “Announcements”?