What could be the digital humanities' Hugging Face?

We have a question for the DH/CHR community: what are the most sought after computational resources that, if made available, will greatly facilitate and accelerate your research? We would like to understand what are a) the code libraries you dream of using, b) the shared tasks you think are urgently needed. To systematically collect these ideas, we made a survey.

We invite anyone doing research in DH to participate, especially those who write (or use) code for their research. The survey takes only up to 10 minutes.

We’d very much appreciate your thoughts and feedback. The survey results will be made public, in order for everyone to potentially collaborate on building the resources that could propel digital humanities research in the future. Furthermore, anyone can decide whether to sign their ideas or remain anonymous. You can also re-tweet.

Thank you. Kind regards,
Giovanni Colavizza (University of Amsterdam)
Kaspar Beelen (The Alan Turing Institute)


Hello Giovanni and Kaspar!

I was just wondering: is this survey somehow different from the one you’ve already circulated on this topic at the beginning of the year (if I’m not mistaken)? Or is it just a “second round” of the same survey?


Hello Matteo,

what you (and some others) previously received privately was an early version for testing and feedback, hence we never circulated it publicly before.


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