CHR2021 conference


From November 17 to 19, 2021, the second edition of the CHR conference will take place as an online event!


  • July 2, 2021: Submission deadline
  • July 9, 2021: New submission deadline
  • September 3, 2021: Notification of acceptance
  • September 17, 2020: Camera-ready papers due
  • November 17-19, 2021: Online Workshop

From the call for papers

In the arts and humanities, the use of computational, statistical, and mathematical
approaches has considerably increased in recent years. This research is characterized by
the use of formal methods and the construction of explicit, computational models. This
includes quantitative, statistical approaches, but also more generally computational
methods for processing and analyzing data, as well as theoretical reflections on these
approaches. Despite the undeniable growth of this research area, many scholars still
struggle to find suitable research-oriented venues to present and publish computational
work that does not lose sight of traditional modes of inquiry in the arts and humanities.
This is the scholarly niche that the CHR conference aims to fill. More
precisely, the conference aims at:

  1. Building a community of scholars working on humanities research questions relying on a
    wide range of computational and quantitative approaches to humanities data in all its
    forms. We consider this community to be complementary to the digital humanities
  2. Promoting good practices through sharing “research stories”. Such good practices may
    include, for instance, the publication of code and data in order to support
    transparency and replication of studies; pre-registering research design to present
    theoretical justification, hypotheses, and proposed statistical analysis; or a redesign
    of the reviewing process for interdisciplinary studies that rely on computational
    approaches to answer questions relevant to the humanities.

More information on the CFP >> Computational Humanities Research 2021


  • Jacob Eisenstein, Google AI
  • Iza Romanowska (@iza.romanowska), Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies
  • Sara Tonelli (@SaTonelli), Digital Humanities Research Unit, Fondazione Bruno Kessler



Please feel free to use this topic to ask questions related to the conference or the call for papers.

Here are some instructions related to the LaTeX submission >> CHR LaTeX Instructions

The submission deadline has been extended to July 9

Dear all,

Thanks a lot for organizing this event!

My question concers the call for short papers. Are Appendices welcome in that case?

Thanks in advance for the clarification,

Hi! Good question. Appendices are welcome, yes!

Dear organizers,

Could you please tell how to anonymize the paper this year?

Thank you in advance for your answer,

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You can leave the author field and acknowledgements field blank. When referring to code this topic provides some guidance: How to anonymize your CHR paper?

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Hi, sorry for this last minute question, but a co-author and I are running late for our submission and have noticed a glitch in a data set (nothing serious, but we need to rerun all computations). I know we already are on an extended deadline, but would it be excessive to ask for a very small deadline extension, until monday perhaps ?


I just sent you a direct message.

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Aaaack is it ok to be a half hour late? lol

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If not no worries, almost done!!!


I know the Computer Vision for/with Humanities (data) community isn’t that well represented yet at CHR, and when reading the CFP I realised one way that might attract more publications from CV might be to adapt the short paper guideline. The main CV conferences (CVPR, ICCV, ECCV) all follow the same policy with regards to dual/double submission ( which is typically followed by other CV conferences such as BMVC.

This policy doesn’t allow submission with substantial overlap; where substantial is defined as 20% or more, which is quite restrictive. But the policy also offers the great option in that papers of 4 pages or less are not considered publications, i.e.: “A publication, for the purposes of this policy, is defined to be a written work longer than four pages (excluding references) that was submitted for review by peers for either acceptance or rejection, and, after review, was accepted.”. Explicitly accommodating this policy would make it more appealing for CV researchers that have a DH/CH leaning to submit to CHR, as it doesn’t involve choosing between venues.

I’m aware that the CFP defines short papers as ‘up to 3000 words (ca. 6 pages references, abstract and tables/illustrations excluded)’, so in theory one could submit a short paper of <= 4 pages. But 4 pages including abstract & tables/figures is a lot shorter than the current ‘short paper’, and might require a different reviewing approach.

A different submission type, or shortening the short paper, would in my view make CHR more attractive for CV people. Although I understand this might go against the aim of attracting original research and to be a home for research that doesn’t fit elsewhere! Happy to hear thoughts on this.