CHR2023 Schedule


:books:Short papers: 10+5 minutes
:bookmark_tabs:Long papers: 15+10 minutes
:zap:Lightning talks: 5+1 minutes

Day 1 - Wednesday 06 Dec 2023

08:00 Registration opens



  • @florian.cafiero and Jean-Luc Falcone
    Transforming archives into data-driven analyses
  • Marianne Reboul
    Textual analysis with Python and Large Language Models
  • Giovanni Pietro Vitali
    Mapping with R for humanities

Coffee break :coffee:


CHR opening words :door:


Session 1: Historical Change :page_with_curl:

10:3012:00 ; :chair: @ash

Lunch :plate_with_cutlery:


Session 2A: Language :speech_balloon:

13:3015:00 ; :chair: @knielbo

Session 2B: History :books:

13:3015:00 ; :chair: @sarah.lang

Coffee break :coffee:


Keynote 1 :studio_microphone:

15:3017:00 ; :chair: @iza.romanowska

  • :speech_balloon: Richard McElreath: The importance of analog thinking for digital scholarship

Opening reception :cocktail:


Day 2 - Thursday 07 Dec 2023

Session 3A: Literature and society :globe_with_meridians:

08:0009:30 ; :chair: @alie

Session 3B: HTR and Manuscripts :feather:

08:0009:30 ; :chair: @thibaultclerice

Coffee break :coffee:


Keynote 2 :studio_microphone:

10:0011:20 ; :chair: @fotis

  • :speech_balloon: Roberta Sinatra: Quantifying the dynamics of impact in science and art


Lunch :plate_with_cutlery:


Session 4A: Narrative :left_speech_bubble:

12:3014:00 ; :chair: Rebecca M. M. Hicke
:speech_balloon: Julian Häußler and Evelyn Gius
Operationalizing and Measuring Conflict in German Novels (short talk)
:speech_balloon: Leonard Konle, Agnes Hilger and Fotis Jannidis
On character perception and plot structure of romance novels (short talk)
:speech_balloon: Pascale Moreira, Yuri Bizzoni, Emily Öhman and Kristoffer Nielbo
Not just Plot(ting): A Comparison of Two Approaches for Understanding Narrative Text Dynamics (short talk)
:speech_balloon: Feng Zhou and Federico Pianzola
Evaluation and Alignment of Movie Events Extracted via Machine Learning from a Narratological Perspective (short talk)
:speech_balloon: Andrew Piper, Hao Xu and Eric D. Kolaczyk
Modeling Narrative Revelation (long talk / online)

Session 4B: Libraries and collections :bank:

12:3014:00 ; :chair: @iza.romanowska
:speech_balloon: John Walsh, Glen Layne-Worthey, Jacob Jett, Boris Capitanu, Peter Organisciak, Ryan Dubnicek and J. Stephen Downie
“The library is open!”: Open data and an open API for the HathiTrust Digital Library (short talk)
:speech_balloon: Mariona Coll Ardanuy, Federico Nanni, Kaspar Beelen and Luke Hare
The Past is a Foreign Place: Improving Toponym Linking for Historical Newspapers (long talk / online)
:speech_balloon: Thomas Smits, Wouter Haverals, Mike Kestemont, Loren Verreyen and Mona Allaert
Greetings from! Extracting address information from 100,000 historical picture postcards (long talk)
:speech_balloon: Bayrem Kaabachi and Simon Dumas Primbault
A Topological Data Analysis of Navigation Paths within Digital Libraries (long talk)

Coffee break :coffee:


Session 5A: Authorship attribution :writing_hand:

14:3016:00 ; :chair: @poibeau
:speech_balloon: Sophie Robert-Hayek, Jacques Istas and Frédérique Rey
Unraveling the Synoptic puzzle: stylometric insights into Luke’s potential use of Matthew (long talk
:speech_balloon: Thibault Clérice and Anthony Glaise
Twenty-One Pseudo-Chrysostoms and more: authorship verification in the patristic world (long talk)
:speech_balloon: Rebecca M. M. Hicke and David Mimno
T5 meets Tybalt: author attribution in Early Modern English drama using large language models (long talk)
:speech_balloon: Juan Barrios, Florian Cafiero and Simon Gabay
Detecting Psychological Disorders with Stylometry: the Case of ADHD in Adolescent Autobiographical Narratives (short talk)

Session 5B: Large language models :robot:

14:3016:00 ; :chair: @thora.hagen
:speech_balloon: Janos Borst, Jannis Klähn and Manuel Burghardt
Death of the Dictionary? – The Rise of Zero-Shot Sentiment Classification (short talk)
:speech_balloon: Giselle Gonzalez Garcia and Christian Weilbach
If the Sources Could Talk: Evaluating Large Language Models for Research Assistance in History (long talk / online
:speech_balloon: Ryan Muther, Mathew Barber and David Smith
Querying the Past: Automatic Source Attribution with Language Models (long talk)
:speech_balloon: Ophir Münz-Manor, Pavel Kaganovich and Elishai Ezra-Tsur
Style Transfer of Modern Hebrew Literature Using Text Simplification and Generative Language Modeling (long talk)

Poster Session :clipboard:

16:00 List of posters

Conference dinner :plate_with_cutlery:

19:00 Atelier de maître

Day 3 - Friday 08 Dec 2023

Keynote 3 :studio_microphone:

08:0009:30 ; :chair: @ash

  • :speech_balloon: Oliver Morin: Humanity’s second language: How images carry information

Coffee break :coffee:


Session 6: Audio/Visual :notes:

10:0011:30 ; :chair: @oleg_sobchuk
:speech_balloon: Christof Weiß and Meinard Mueller
Studying Tonal Evolution of Western Choral Music: A Corpus-Based Strategy (long talk)
:speech_balloon: Harin Lee, Romain Hennequin and Manuel Moussallam
Understanding individual and collective diversity of cultural taste through large-scale music listening events (short talk)
:speech_balloon: Nicolas Ruth, Manuel Burghardt and Bernhard Liebl
From Clusters to Graphs – Toward a Scalable Viewing of News Videos (short talk)
:speech_balloon: Alexandra Barancová, Melvin Wevers and Nanne van Noord
Blind Dates: Examining the Expression of Temporality in Historical Photographs (short talk)
:speech_balloon: Martin Ruskov and Sara Sullam
Towards a Phenomenographic Framework for Exploratory Visual Analysis of Bibliographic Data (short talk)

Lunch :plate_with_cutlery:


Lightning Talks Session :zap:

12:3014:00 ; :chair: @iza.romanowska

Coffee break :coffee:


Session 7: Literature :open_book:

14:3014:30 ; :chair: @fotis
:speech_balloon: Jean-Baptiste Camps, Nicolas Baumard, Pierre-Carl Langlais, Olivier Morin, Thibault Clérice and Jade Norindr
Make Love or War? Monitoring the Thematic Evolution of Medieval French Narratives (long talk)
:speech_balloon: Kirill Maslinsky
How Exactly does Literary Content Depend on Genre? A Case Study of Animals in Children’s Literature (short talk)
:speech_balloon: Simone Rebora, Marina Lehmann, Anne Heumann, Wei Ding and Gerhard Lauer
Comparing ChatGPT to Human Raters and Sentiment Analysis Tools for German Children’s Literature (short talk)
:speech_balloon: Lyra D’Souza and David Mimno
The Chatbot and the Canon: Poetry Memorization in LLMs (short talk)
:speech_balloon: Ida Marie S. Lassen, Pascale Feldkamp Moreira, Yuri Bizzoni, Mads Rosendah Thomsen and Kristoffer Nielbo
Persistence of gender asymmetries in book reviews within and across genres (short talk)

Award ceremony & concluding remarks :trophy: